A little about me

I am a mixed media artist creating colorful and thought-provoking collages and paintings. I have two different styles that you will notice throughout all my work. I sometimes combine those styles for a unique and beautiful effect. All of my artwork is connected to a story or emotion, but they also create stories and emotions. I experiment with different techniques and supplies to create something that can be seen from the different perspectives of individuals. I like to incorporate a lot of color and movement to keep the artwork alive and make you take a second look.

I’ve been an artist since

Although I opened Rose in a Jar Art Studio in March 2017, I have been creating since I was a tot. The final goal of the studio is to create a workspace in Austin, Texas for local creatives to come and build their creative businesses. The studio will serve as a co-working space, resource center, and gallery. On top of providing resources, the studio will run a vendor program where creatives can start building a customer base without the heavy burden of huge vendor fees and lack of time due to life obligations. As I grow, I hope for the business to grow with me and become a staple in the creative community in Austin.

Stuff that inspires me

I like flowers, mason jars, vibrant hair colors, and Pinterest.

My Favorite Piece

Honey Dreams is a piece I created for an exhibit honoring bees. I love the rich gold color like honey straight from the hive.

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